For our 3rESBES-BIOT Biotechnical Design Competition: 

      “Continuous BioManufacturing


This design challenge involves the design of a commercial manufacturing facility for the "continuous production of lentivirus for use in gene and/or cell therapy products"including upstream, downstream and formulation and fill processing.  Unlike the first two editions of the competition, the problem statement is being made available to instructors of undergraduate and graduate design courses (in the EU and US).  Student teams in these courses can use their coursework to comprise the report they submit for this competition.  Diversity in team composition (i.e. schools, countries and continents) will still be rewarded by project reviewers/judges, but less so than in the past two contests.  Please contact Dr. William J. Kelly ( if you would like to register a team and then receive a copy of the detailed project description.  Teams have four months after they register to work on the project and submit their report and short video.  Up to three students from each of the top finalist teams will have reasonable travel expenses paid for by ESBES-BIOT to attend the ESBES meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia (September 2020) to present their design cases for the final stage of the competition.

April 1, 2019:   3rd Contest is announced for the first time

July 10, 2019 :    Problem statements distributed (to student teams and Instructors of Design Courses in US and EU)

Note: Teams can come from SAME UNIVERSITY

July 1st, 2020:       Project Reports Due

July 10, 2020 :     Top teams announced and all team members rewarded with MOST expenses paid for tripto FINALS EVENT

            September 2020:    FINALS EVENT for 3rdBIOT-ESBES Design Competition ESBES meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia.