2021 Meetings

    Programming for the Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT)
    262nd ACS National Meeting
    Virtual Meeting August 22-26


    BIOT Division programming has been moved to the ACS Fall National (Currently) Hybrid Meeting (August 22-26). Select talks will be broadcast at set times followed by live Q&A. The rest of the division's content available on demand. Additional activities during the meeting include: BIOT Tank (Aug 22), Student Networking Event (Aug 24)*, BIOT Virtual Reception (Aug 22)*, the BIOT Business Meeting (Aug 24)*, and a Diversity Town Hall (Aug 25)*. Note that all talks, and the BIOT Tank require meeting registration. *All other events are open to all BIOT members. 


    Program Chairs

    Caryn Heldt - Michigan Technological University
    Aaron Noyes - Codiak Biosciences


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    2021 BIOT Technical Sessions 
    (requires meeting registration with ACS)
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    D&I Workshop

         Micro intervention Worksheet

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         Micro Interventions Tactics Handout





    BIOT Meeting Location:

    Atlanta, Georgia and Virtual Meeting


    For Student Presenters

    W.H. Peterson Award

    Click here for Award Nomination Form

    Applications due by 8/21/2021

    BIOT Student Travel Subsidy - N/A


    For Young (35 and Under) Professional

    Young Professionals Award in Upstream and Downstream Processing (sponsored by 3M)

    Click here for Award Nomination Form

    Applications due by 8/21/2021


    2021 Keynote Speakers by Area

    Protein Engineering: Vesna Mitchell

    Biomedical Technologies: Millicent O. Sullivan

    Upstream Processes: Carrie Eckert, Junghae Suh

    Downstream Processes: Jörg Thommes, Karol Lacki

    COVID: Kizzmekia Corbett

    Big Data: Grant Murphy

    Biomolecular and Biophysical Processes: Hanns-Christian Mahler, David Keire

    Cell and Gene Therapy: Melissa Bonner, Kevin Curran

    Integrated and Continuous Processing: Jason Walther


    2021 Award Winners and Lectures

    David Perlman Memorial Lectureship (sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb)
    Peter Marks, U.S. Food and Drug Administration


    Marvin J. Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology (sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.)
    James Collins, MIT


    EV Murphree Award
    Not awarded in 2021


    Alan Michaels Award
    Richard Willson, University of Houston


    Industrial Biotechnology Award
    Not awarded in 2021


    BIOT Young Investigator Award (sponsored by Genentech, Inc.)
    Mark Blenner, University of Delaware


    James M. Van Lanen Distinguished Service Award 
    Cynthia Collins, Ginkgo Bioworks


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering Gaden Award Lecture 
    Andre Palmer, Ohio State University 


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering D.I.C. Daniel Wang Young Investigator Award 
    Benjamin Woolston, Northeastern University


    SBE/AIChE/ACS BIOT D.I.C. Daniel Wang Award


    3M Young Professional Award in Upstream and Downstream Processing
    Michael McGarrah, GlaxoSmithKline


    W.H. Peterson Best Student Oral Presentation at 2020 National Meeting
    Eric VanArsdale, University of Maryland


    W.H. Peterson Best Student Poster Presentation at 2020 National Meeting
    Xiaozhe Ding, California Institute of Technology



    2021 Program Areas (Area Coordinators)

    Upstream Processes: Melisa Capio (Horizon Discovery), Nitya Jacobs (Amgen), Danielle Tullman-Ercek (Northwestern)
    Downstream Processes: Wai Keen Chung (Biogen), Dan Bracewell (UCL), Elizabeth Goodrich (MilliporeSigma)
    Biomolecular and Biophysical Processes: Mary Krause (BMS), Krishna Mallela (UC Denver), Cesar Calero (Sanofi)
    Biomedical Technologies: John Kim (Alabama), Maryam Raeeszadeh-Sarmazdeh (Nevada-Reno)
    Big Data: Sandeep Kumar (Boehringer Ingelheim), Jim Lalonde (Inscripta)
    Integrated and Continuous Processing: Lars Pampel (Novartis), Nihal Tugcu (Sanofi), Tim Tully (Pfizer)
    Cell and Gene Therapy: Bill Kelly (Villanova), Nooshi Sanaie (Kite Pharma), Mercedes Segura (Avro Bio)
    Protein Engineering: Nik Nair (Tufts), Zhe Rui (Codexis)
    COVID Vaccine, Therapies, and Diagnostics: Varnika Roy (GSK), Shannon Servoss (Arkansas), Frank Kotch (Pfizer)
    BIOT Tank: Hadley Sikes (MIT), Jonathan Royce (Bio-Works Technologies), John Welsh (Merck)
    BIOT Rapid Fires and Poster Session: Kristin Vallente (Merck), Kelsey O'Donnell (Amgen)


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