2020 Meetings

    Programming for the Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT)
    260th ACS National Meeting
    Virtual Meeting August 17-20.


    BIOT Division programming that was slated for the ACS Spring National meeting, which was canceled, has been moved to the ACS Fall National Virtual Meeting (August 17-20). Select talks will be broadcast at set times followed by live Q&A. The rest of the division's content available on demand. The week of August 24-27 will be filled with live Q&A* for the on demand content. Additional activities during the meeting include: BIOT Tank (Aug 17), Student Networking Event (Aug 19)*, BIOT Virtual Reception (Aug 20)*, the BIOT Business Meeting (Aug 25)*, and a Diversity Town Hall (Aug 27)*. Note that all talks, the BIOT Tank require meeting registration. *All other events are open to all BIOT members. 


    Program Chairs

    Mark Blenner - Clemson University
    Venkatesh Natarajan - Amgen


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    Networking Session Registration - Panelists (Academic/Industry) and Students 



    BIOT Meeting Location:

    Virtual Meeting

    For Student Presenters

    W.H. Peterson Award - Closed
    BIOT Student Travel Subsidy - N/A


    For Young (35 and Under) Professional

    Young Professionals Award in Upstream and Downstream Processing (sponsored by 3M)

    Applications due 07/21/2020.


    2020 Keynote Speakers by Area

    BIOT Interfaces - Rapid Response to COVID-19: Brian Kelley (Vir Biotechnology) 
    Downstream Processes: Nihal Tugcu (Sanofi)
    Biomolecular Technologies: Lori Burton (BMS)
    Biomedical Technologies: Krish Roy (Georgia Tech)
    End-to-End Biomanufacturing: Susan Abu Absi (Bluebird) 
    BIOT Interfaces: Shohei Koide (NYU)


     2020 Invited Speakers by Area

    Upstream Processes:  Gregg Nyberg (Merck)
    Downstream Processes: Ashley Hesslein (Bayer)
    Biomolecular Technologies: Millicent Sullivan (Delaware); Ben Hackel (Minnesota)
    Biomedical Technologies: Andrew Ramelmeier (Sangamo); Bruce Levine (UPenn) 
    End-to-End Biomanufacturing: Sarah Harcum (Clemson); Weichang Zhou (WuXi); 
    BIOT Interfaces: Samira Azarin (Minnesota); Jennifer Maynard (Texas);  Jordi Mata-Fink (Flagship Pioneering); John Warner (Warner Babcock Institute) 


    2020 Award Winners and Lectures

    David Perlman Memorial Lectureship (sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb)
    David Liu (Harvard University)


    Marvin J. Johnson Award in Microbial and Biochemical Technology (sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.)
    Jim Swartz (Stanford University)


    EV Murphree Award
    Not Awarded in 2020.


    Alan Michaels Award
    Not Awarded in 2020.


    Industrial Biotechnology Award
    AstraZeneca Lumoxiti Process CMC Team.


    BIOT Young Investigator Award (sponsored by Genentech, Inc.)
    Lydia Contreras (University of Texas at Austin)


    James M. Van Lanen Distinguished Service Award 
    Not Awarded in 2020.


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering Gaden Award Lecture 
    Michael Betenbaugh (Johns Hopkins University)


    Biotechnology & Bioengineering D.I.C. Daniel Wang Young Investigator Award 
    Peng Xu (UMBC)


    SBE/AIChE/ACS BIOT D.I.C. Daniel Wang Award
    Konstantin Konstantinov (Codiak Biosciences)


    3M Young Professional Award in Upstream and Downstream Processing
    Erick Gutierrez (UMBC)


    W.H. Peterson Best Student Oral Presentation at 2019 National Meeting
    Evan Day (University of Virginia)


    W.H. Peterson Best Student Poster Presentation at 2019 National Meeting
    Ammar Ariswala (Georgia Tech)



    2020 Program Areas (Area Coordinators)

    Upstream Processes: Nitya Jacob (Amgen), Michelle O'Malley (UCSB), Kevin Solomon (Purdue)
    Downstream Processes: Aaron Noyes (Codiak), John Pieracci (Biogen), Jennifer Pollard (Merck)
    Biomolecular Technologies: Mary Krause (BMS), Greg Thurber (Michigan)
    Biomedical Technologies: John Kim (Alabama), Jonathan Royce (Vironova), Nooshie Sanaie (Kite Pharma)
    End-to-End Biomanufacturing: Caryn Heldt (Michigan Tech), Henry Lin (Merck), Bruno Marques (GSK)
    BIOT Interfaces: Ben Hackel (Minnesota), David Roush (Merck), Danielle Tullman-Ercek (Northwestern)
    BIOT Tank: Nigel Reuel (Iowa St.), Varnika Roy (GSK), Ganesh Sriram (Maryland)
    BIOT Poster Session: Tom Mansell (Iowa St.), Krunal Mehta (Amgen)
    BIOT Rapid Fires: Nanette Boyle (Colorado School of Mines), Chris Gillespie (Merck)


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