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Annoucning the 2019 Best of BIOT Webinars

Biomedical Technologies: 2019 Best of BIOT
December 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST

      Kristen Kelly (Bluebird Bio)

      Rapid process characterization for multiple

        viral vectors products using QbD principles

      Daniel Yur (Delaware)

        Targeted siRNA delivery with modular heptatitis

         B virus-like particles in inflammatory cancer cells


Webinar: Advances in Gene Therapy Manufacturing



Best of BIOT Webinar Series
Available to all BIOT members

Upcoming Events

259th ACS National Meeting
Philadelphia, PA - March 22 - March 26, 2020

     2020 BIOT Meeting - Call for Abstracts

     Abstract Submission - Closed

     Questions for Academic Program Chair: Mark Blenner

     Questions for Industrial Program Chair: Venkatesh Natarajan

     Third ESBES-BIOT Design Competition

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ACS BIOT Gender Diversity Workshop, 2019. 

Read the summary or the full report.



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European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Science

September 15-19, 2019 in Florence, Italy


Recoverylogo_universe2.jpgRecovery of Biological Products XVIII.

July 12-17 in Rome, Italy

Call for Papers 


Job Openings in Biotechnology

Opportunity to POST and view Current Job Openings. Proceeds to support BIOT student chapters. Please visit this page for more information. 



Learn about the history of the ACS Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT). 


Congratulations to all of the ACS BIOT Members that have been elected as ACS Fellows!


Visit the website of the BIOT Mid-Atlantic Student Chapter website.