BIOT-ESBES First Annual Biotechnology Design Competition

Six teams, composed of three graduate students each, recently submitted their reports for this first competition. Seven of the eighteen participating students were from the USA, and six countries were represented in total. The names of the three Finalist teams will be announced at the upcoming ACS meeting in San Francisco. These three teams will receive support to travel to the 2017 ESBES meeting in Barcelona Spain to compete in a "Finals" competition. We would like to recognize all of the eighteen graduate students (see their names are listed below) who worked so hard on their projects and were the "pioneers" for this first annual competition.

Team 2
Maria João Jacinto, IST Portugal
Kelsey O’Donell, Villanova University, USA
Abhinav Jain, Tulane University, USA

Team 4
Ruchir Ravindra - Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
Victor Koppejan, TU Delft, the Netherlands
Marieke Klijn, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Team 5
Jhuwala Venkatakrishnan from University of Cincinnati
Klaus Pellicer Alborch from TU Berlin
Nuria Abajo Lima from Cardiff University

Team 7
Matthew Tucker - Villanova University, USA
Fatumina Lopez- UCL, UK
Neyha Jaykar - Technical University Dortmund, Germany

Team 8
Chad Greco, University of Delaware (UD), USA
Fabian Feidl, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ricardo Suarez-Heredia, UCL, United Kingdom

Team 10
Mengyuan Zheng, Tulane University, USA
Zhao Li, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Anshul Sharma, Univeristy College London, UK