Proposed Amendment to the ACS BIOT ByLaws - Vote HERE.

Dear ACS BIOT Members,

ACS BIOT ByLaws define the framework for the business and governance processes for the Division. Significant changes and improvements have been implemented in ACS and BIOT business practices since the current version of the ByLaws were adopted in 2005. These changes necessitate an update to the ACS BIOT ByLaws and subsequent ratification by ACS BIOT Members prior to implementation.


ACS BIOT Executive Committee prospectively established a team to review and propose updates to the ByLaws to address the aforementioned changes in business practices and to establish a framework to support continued operational excellence and growth of the ACS BIOT Division. The ACS BIOT ByLaws team collaborated with the ACS National Organization (Committee on Constitution and ByLaws) to develop and refine the proposed changes to the ACS BIOT ByLaws.  Key changes to the ByLaws are summarized as follows:


  • ByLaw IV: The officers of the Division shall be the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Councilors, and Alternate Councilors.
  • ByLaw IV: The Executive Committee (EC) shall consist of the 13 officers of BIOT, the Chairs of the Standing Committees (Nomination and Program) and the Functional Area Coordinators (Awards, Communications, Long Range Program, Membership, and Technology)
  • ByLaws IV and V: EC members who are not BIOT officers (i.e., Standing Committee Chairs and Functional Area Coordinators) will have full participation and voting privileges on the EC – but no longer will need to be elected. These EC members will be appointed by the Chair with the advice and consent of the EC
  • BYLAW VI :New provision added for the recall of Elected BIOT Officers except Councilors and Alternate Councilors. The latter can only be removed by the ACS Council
  • BYLAW IX : Removed the requirement for a Standing Audit Committee but allowed for alternative approaches to support Financial Oversight including an Annual Audit may be conducted either by a Certified Public Accountant, appointed by the Executive Committee or two or more disinterested members or individuals appointed by the Executive Committee


A summary of key changes to the ByLaws can be downloaded.

A clean version of the propose amended ByLaw can be downloaded.

Action Requested

Your active engagement in ratification of the updated ByLaws is essential. ACS requires that in order to approve the new ByLaws, a minimum of 60% of the voting members of the Division respond affirmatively (vote yes) on the new ByLaws. The proposed new ByLaws and a summary of the changes in the ByLaws (summarized above) are available on the ACS BIOT website. Voting will initiate on 01May and conclude on 31May2017.

The ACS BIOT Executive Committee has reviewed the proposed new ByLaws and endorses the proposed changes to maintain and improve the functioning of the BIOT Division.

Thank you,
David Roush